Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage Gluebook Update

The thing I really like about gluebooks are they are so simple to do - and yet you feel like you have satisfied your need to create.
I enjoy whimisical - this started wth the picture with the caption Don't you Dare - I wonder what they really are talking about. The backgrounds came from an old gardening book. The handwritten card is the back of an old postcard that had an image I just knew I would never use. The piece of farming equipment came from an old Norwegian pamphlet I picked up off the book sale shelf at the village library near our cottage.
This next spread started with the race results from an old newspaper that had been used for a sewing pattern – love the comment Track Sloppy (and that's what I've called it). The pictures of the horses were originally on the cover of an old issue of Scientific America (this is a copy). I actually like the Fall colours of the picture in the background.
This is one of my favorite pictures of a ballerina – I call this page Pretty in Pink. I used an old music book cover and a vintage scrap from a previous page…simple but effective.
Well off to look at other collage combinations – that’s both the most work and the most fun – after that it’s all cut and glue baby (my Sis will appreciate this - some where in the bowels of my parent's basement is one of my early collages - it was a class project on alcohol and drugs - amazing how many pictures of liquor and beer bottles you need to cover a piece of bristol board, LOL). If your interested, Mary is starting up a new class on the basics of collage (see my sidebar) – she does a great job and I highly recommend signing up! I've also got my November Vintage Tag figured out - can't believe thats just around the corner - what happeneded to 2010!? Cheers, Jewels (p.s. so far I’ve had suggestions for purple jewelry and a purple manicure to match my lovely cast – any other ideas?)


  1. your gluebook pages are fab! I especially like the first one. I will be taking Mary's new class too - see you there!

  2. You are really doing a terrific job on that little gluebook, Julie! Very, very nice. I have to get my oldself in gear and get thinking about two tags - October and November!! Love your purple cast! Carol

  3. Wonderful GB pages, particularly the first one, what a super photo!

    I thought I was signed up to follow your blog but wasn't - I am now!!


  4. As a matter of fact I do believe I've seen that old collage of yours around!!!! If memory serves, our beloved dad has taken possession of it (just like he did with my old vinyl records, have no idea why he wants Linda Ronstadt but I digress). Purple jewelery?! Maybe some rhinestones AWESOME IDEA!!!Nothing like bling to make a gal feel good!
    BTW I've bought my first Santa of the season..... he's in an outhouse!!!! TOO FUNNY~