Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mondo, Mondo, Mondo

Yes the season finale is finally here for Project Runway (another guilty pleasure). If your a fan (and if your not) here are the final 4:
Gretchen Jones (my LEAST favorite)

Michael Costello ( how on EARTH did he last this long!)
Andy South (he has to do more then WARRIOR WOMEN to win)
***Mondo Guerra (my FAVE to win) ***
So if you are a fan who are you cheering for? Finale Episode Part 1 Tonight.


  1. Julie, that is one that I have not started watching yet. I watch the Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars and occasionally, The Bachelor ( unfortunately yes ) lol

  2. This is definitely a season in which they should just call a winner before the runway shows, and it's got to be Mondo. Nobody else is even close. (Not that I see myself in giant houndstooth checks - but he's the best.)