Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Time

The coppery colours of Fall are quickly fading here at Maple Hill…

Hard to believe November is only a week away!
Which means it is time to put the garden to rest for the Winter months ahead (brrrrr)
Frosty mornings have taken their toll
There is still colour in the garden, but alas plants need to be pulled, chopped, composted
A few hardy stragglers want to hold on a little longer
Favorite garden pieces also need to be put away so they are “fresh” again next Spring
But some things do get left out –over the years they develop their own special patina.
Of course we will get to start again next April or May depending on what kind of winter we have.
Meanwhile there is a lull between now and the first snow fall – when I will decorate my garden with more wintry art…
Enjoy, Jewels


  1. Yes, here too - the garden is starting to look a bit tired so the pots need emptying etc. I always find it hard to get rid of straggly plants when they are still trying to flower, but they have to go sooner or later. Lovely photos Jewels, love the mix of colours in the 2nd pic.


  2. Great pictures I love how you tell a story with them. Hope that you are feeling better.

  3. You are getting to be a super photographer with a good eye for finding great shots. This time of year is so beautiful - my very favorite. I especially love the one with the rocks and leaves and the one bright spot of color from the lone little flower. Pretty!!