Monday, October 11, 2010

Just Brilliant

What can I say – it was a BRILLIANT weekend at so many levels…

The Maple Hill gang loaded up for a 2 and a bit hour trip to Beulah, MI. Friends allowed us to stay at their place on the escarpment above Crystal Lake.
It was a perfect Indian Summer weekend – these were the colours as the sun set while we ate dinner in Cadillac on the way up…
..hubby had Miss Gwendoline’s full attention (who cares if there is a view when food is around).
We visited our favorite spots like Glen Arbor (got my cherry coffee)

Stopped to take some pretty pictures (don’t do justice and there would have been more if I could get hubby to stop the car every five minutes).

Ate enough for an army at two very nice restaurants and the local bakery. Good thing we did A LOT of walking.
Enjoyed the view from our friend’s deck.
My birthday present was the first season of Glee (one of those guilty pleasures) and lots of kisses from both hubby and Miss Gwendoline for our anniversary (she really was a good girl despite her attempts to take down bigger dogs in Traverse City and two attack deer on the driveway (LOL)
One of those weekends that could not have been more perfect…sigh.

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  1. Glad that you had such a nice weekend. October is just a wonderful month isn't it!!