Saturday, October 30, 2010

Odds and Ends

Just a few things to share. I've been doing more blog "remodeling" and think will leave as is for awhile.

I received a really lovely wall hanging from Terri today - it is just beautiful and I'm looking for a place of honour to show it off.
I've been doing the "green" thing lately (code for thrifting). I've found an abundance of old atlases - these date between 1930-1945.
The colours are wonderful - lots to use for glue books.

I've also found a few pretty covered books - destined for altered art (I hope). However, I don't plan to take apart the flower book.
It has some wonderful prints that can be scanned and used.

And finally - time for another vintage tag!

For November I concentrated on the rich colours of Fall ...
(p.s. Mondo was robbed, I say, robbed - seems like most folks agreed - Project Runway may just see a drop in viewers after this season!)


  1. Hello Julie, Thank you for showing my wall hanging, I hope you love it. I love the beautiful books you have found, the flower one is just gorgeous. I love the tag you made. Well I am so glad that it arrived. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for purchasing it. Hugs, Terri

  2. Beautiful wall hanging. Love your book finds - aren't those flowers beautiful. Super tag too.

    I adore your new blog header, what a sweet image.


  3. I love your new blog set up, looking good. Happy Halloween!!

  4. Your blog is looking great, Julie. Pretty things in your post, as usual. My computer is running like a top now - Charter put a new router on so all is well. Great tag - I think I have one almost finished and will have to get another one going. With all this time, you'd think I'd get lots done! See you at the mall Thursday evening? Carol