Sunday, April 10, 2011

Canadian Content AND...

Hubby and I got a good dose of Canadian Content this weekend.
Starting with Stuart Mclean and the Vinyl Cafe at the Temple Theatre in Saginaw Friday night. I describe Mclean as the Canadian version of Garrison Keillor (but funnier - my opinion). All his stories are about Dave, his wife Morley and their two children. It was really a great night with friends - who received the lovely baby quilt described in my last post.
Then Saturday night - off to one of the local highschools to see the Banff Mountain Film Festival. We have gone three times now as it has become a local annual event. If you ever want to see EXTREME adventure sports you need to go. They take winning entries from the film festival around the world on tour. Some of the clips are just crazy wild (what some people are willing to do!) - everything from caving (not for me - too claustraphobic), wildwater kayaking, cycling, mountain climbing "free style" (you have to see it to believe it) and extreme skiing. Everyone in the audience is just glued to the screen and there are a lot of audible ooh aahs and gasps...I highly recommend it.

So what is the "AND" in my title? Drum roll please...Well, in a few days time I will be the proud owner of...

... a brand new car! Yipee! For anyone who knows my current rust bucket you know this is LONG overdue. Hubby took me test driving and I quickly settled on the Honda Pilot. The joke was, I decided on the car in a matter of a few minutes - but took forever on the colour combination (a woman thing apparently). Carol you will get to drive in style to Guild Meetings now (LOL)... All round a great weekend! Jewels


  1. Well tell us what colour you chose then, because that's what we all want to know!

    Those extreme sports are incredible - I saw a film about those free style mountain climbers and just cannot believe what they do.

    Sounds like you had a lvely weekend.


  2. Great fun, huh Julie.

  3. sounds like a wonderful weekend, Jewels. Sorry it took me until now to visit! Hope you are having a good week. : ^ ) lenna