Thursday, April 4, 2013

Calendar Collage April

Ooops falling behind on my 2013 collage...but only a few days late for the month of April...
My lady is from the cover of an old Family Circle - in her Spring bonnet (there is a whole article on how to make one LOL).
Acrylic paint for the background and tissue paper which blends really well. I stamped the "day diamonds" as I could not find a paper I liked. Enjoy. Jewels.


  1. Well I've just GOT to make me a Spring bonnet just like this! Lovely April pages, super image, love the background and great colours too.


  2. cool, very cool...reminds me of an Easter bonnet i made to be in the Easter parade when they had such a thing back in 1969! lovely background .... ;D

  3. Very cool this challenge you have given yourself! I like your calendar, Jewels...

  4. Well, that's just lovely, Jewels. Both those papers look like fabrics to me. Very pretty. I fell off the calendar wagon in Feb but maybe I'll fire it back up.