Saturday, April 6, 2013

Language of Flowers Mail Art

My little exchange with Fiddlesnips Jo has grown to include Creative Lenna and we love having her with us! For March we agreed on the theme the Language of Flowers. I had read a contemporary novel recently that had that as the the underlying theme - it got me curious to find out more. You can pop over here to get the more details.
Anyways, the challenge was to select a flower and create a postcard that somehow showed the meaning of the flower without necessarily stating it. I had something in mind and found out there was actually a flower for it - French Willow (which in North America is more commonly known as Fireweed)...It stands for bravery and humanity. 
I wanted to do something different with my background - I've been doing a lot lately playing with gesso surfaces. Jo had also shared a neat technique for printing images on to tissue paper which is what I did with the flowers. The quote came from a young girl recently diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. Though specific to her, it really spoke to me on many different levels given the past year which is why I used it. I thought it was actually quite beautiful.
Lots of changes here on the home front - my contractor has said he can start next week on jobs that have needed to be done for quite some time - beginning with insulation in the attic (I am SO glad you can hire people willing to crawl through small holes into mouse infested areas and scratchy stuff who will actually take care of things for me - money well spent if you ask me LOL).....There will be pics of how things progress and I am really quite excited seeing some of my "vision" becoming reality for this old place. Enjoy. Jewels. 


  1. Oh jewels, those homefront plans sound good! And toasty. Thank you again for your warm welcome at a time when I needed it the most, I so look forward to this journey with you and Jo.

    I love that you showed us the original print of the French Willow. So lovely that way and I also like it very much printed on tissue as you did. The quote really struck me as so true, and perfect for you as well. I always think pouring your feelings into your art is a smart thing to do! I loved receiving this. I was doing a mail art happy dance out by my mailbox! ; D

  2. Beautiful mail art flower, loving the background Jewels and that quote is wonderful :0) Mo x

  3. Hey Julie, I bought you something today at an antique market here in Bay City. I can hardly wait to see what you will do with your creativity on it. I had to go back to the shop two times to negotiate the price with him, until we settled on a reasonable price. Not that you are not worth it girlfriend, but he really wanted too much for it. I will bring it on Tuesday. Shows I've been thinking about you, friend.

    Good luck with home improvements. I have soooooo many rooms that need wall paper scraped and no one likes doing it around here.

  4. Your postcard and Mail Art is so beautiful, Jewels! Well done for mastering the printing the image onto tissue paper technique - believe me, you'll always want to do it now! I love all those textures in the background too. The quote is SUPERB, very moving.

    Good luck with all the work being done on your home, it'll be worth it in the end!