Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Smell of Fresh Paint...

You might be asking what I've been up to lately and that would be a good question. I've been working on remodeling the house the last few weeks - or should I say my contractor has. I recently finished a class on Visioning based on the book by Lucia Capacchione. 
You create a vision board on the specific thing you want to come true for you. Mine was "My House is my Home". 

Some weird and wonderful things happened which, for me, validated I was making the right decision about Maple Hill. First, my friend Marilyn called me the DAY the class started and asked if I wanted to join. Before the class started I ran home to get changed and in the mail was a refund for almost the exact amount of the class (huh).  

Then, I went searching on Amazon and found a copy of the book which we needed for the class and found it second hand for $1.25 with "some writing" on the inside of the front cover (so the shipping cost more than the book but not by much). The writing turned out to be Lucia's autograph LOL. Then I got a Lowe's gift card which has already been used for a new light fixture...lots of other little coincidences which have just amazed me...

Initially the weather has not been on our side - the first job was fixing my attic and improving my insulation. Torrential rain (literally) slowed things done but I am happy to say it’s finished. Not the most exciting thing in the world but peace of mind and, hopefully, lower utility bills. 

The next job has been this - the dreaded popcorn ceiling (ugh, ugh, ugh). The trend to do in homes started in the 1950's. Some treatments included asbestos until banned in 1978. Fortunately Maple Hill was built in 1979 so no issues there. There are no signs of it after the 2007 remodel on the main floor, but two bedrooms and a hallway still have it on the upper floor. So off it had to well as some wall repairs AND painting.

My choice of paint was driven by two switch plate covers (seriously - how sweet is that) I bought while at the cottage and my desire to bring a lot more colour into my home. This one helped with the first room...

I like to think my new Guest Room is rose (okay some will say pink)...I've had "rose" rooms in the past including when I was growing up. I had the sponge paint version during the 80's (what was I thinking). This one will be a lot of fun when done.

The second room picks up on the purple...

I've always wanted a lavender room - I will be using this one for an office slash art space and I can't wait to get it set up. As you can see for both rooms light fixtures are still to be determined. LOL. Stay tuned - there is a heck of a lot more being worked on... Jewels


  1. WOW! What fun! It's great to see you doing cool stuff to the house. Isn't it nice to make all the decisions yourself? I'm so tired of compromising. Can't wait to see what else you do and how those two rooms turn out.

  2. I echo Leslie's WOW! Such a lot of work and disruption, but such fun being able to have exactly what you want. Those birdie light switch covers are ADORABLE! What a great idea to use them as your colour base. Sounds to me like that class came at just the right time for you - everything just falling into place like that shows you were MEANT to do that class! Had to laugh at the writing on the inside cover being the author's autograph :D

    I am so looking forward to seeing how your plans develop.


  3. Oooh, lush colours Jewels!! Those switch plates are just GORgeous too! I love them, but my mum would have LOVED them, haha. Not seen anything like those around here but there are the see-thru plastic ones, and you've just prompted an idea to there's a thought :D
    Eagerly awaiting further photo's from you - :0) Mo x

  4. I love when everything points you in the right direction. Your projects look great!

  5. Love what you are doing, Julie!! Those switchplates (beautiful!) are inspiring you to pick such awesome colors for your walls. Will be looking forward to more pictures of what is going on at your house. Enjoy all the new changes and the fun decisions you get to make. It's work, I know, but the kind of work you don't mind as you envision the outcome! See you at the quilt show! Carol

  6. Wow, that is alot of work being done at your house. It feels good doesn't it. I was thinking the other night about last fall when we recarpeted the house and painted as well. It made me think with all of the furniture including beds that had to be moved around we certainly could have moved to a new house. It is a lot of work and I am not a fan of having my house in a mess. I love your paint colors.

  7. Jewels, I am not sure if I can express accurately how I feel about what you are doing. I feel so very positive about all of it ! All those serendipitous happenings mean to me that the universe is lining up for you to do just what you are doing and giving you a big green light !! Your switchplates are so awesome and I love that you are using them to guide you in your color choices. So good that you will have an office/studio and really so good of you for taking this on and making this home your own. Sending love and joy for your journey xo

  8. p.s. Your vision board is so cool : )

  9. WOW the switch plate covers are beautiful! Great vision board too. Jules

  10. WOW Jewels that is so cool that you get to re-do rooms!! And the colors are awesome the purple one will be perfect for creating in!! I was wondering if you were staying dry. Saw on the news how bad it was flooded up your way. Our ceilings were leaking!! LOL Oh well just get he buckets out!! At least until we can afford to get them fixed!! That is a very cool pink chandy you got!! Have fun finishing the rooms!! XOXO Love Fran.

  11. Love your rose and lavender rooms Jewels. Those birdie switch plate covers are soooo pretty! Glad you don't have asbestos to deal with.So glad wonderful things are coming together for you. Hugs xxx