Saturday, April 27, 2013

UPDATE: Swap and Give Away

Thanks everyone for you lovely comments! Congratulations to Danielle over at Blessed Serendipity. The Fabric Frogster as Jo so eloquently named him will be hopping over to you shortly LOL.  

What was I thinking! Kimberly over at ArtJoyStuff is hosting an ATC swap called the Fabric of Nature. Her rules were to pick any kind of nature theme you wanted, try and make it vintage looking AND it had to all be done in fabric (no paper). Any embellishments allowed.
Well with Spring FINALLY here at Maple Hill the peeper frogs have been going strong in the ponds around my woodlot. It is a sound I really enjoy - and a true sign of Spring. So I popped over to Graphic Fairy and found a perfect graphic to print on fabric.
Here is my ATC - the background is an old curtain I thrifted. I embellished with lace, jute ribbon, buttons and beading. Did a little inking on the fabric too....thing is...
It's a 12 for 12 swap! LOL. That's a lot of little frogs. AND I actually made a baker's dozen so having a Give Away if you are interested.

Just leave a comment and I will pull a name on May 1st (OMG that is here already!!!) for Frog 13. Enjoy. Jewels


  1. Oh wow, just look at all those little froggy ATCs - they're FAB! What a noisy chorus they'd make.

    Please put my name in the hat for the chance to win the remaining one, which I'll re-name 'The Fabric Frogster' (try saying that after a couple of glasses of wine!!). Frog 13 sounds rather futuristic and genetically modified!


  2. Ha! That's about how I felt after I signed up for that deck of 50 cards swap. They came out great - good job!

  3. Totally Amazing!! Oh Please,pick me I love little frogs,even real ones You did such a amazing job!!
    I used to do 10 or 12 cards once a month,I'm gettin kinda old now,I tend to slow down. Thanks for offering the chance to win this cutie!

  4. This is totally frogtastic Jewels!! What a grand job you've done, making so many little croakers!
    #I saw a little frog, He was cuter than can be, He was sitting on a log, And I'm sure he croaked at me!#
    What did the frog order at the fast food restaurant?
    French flies and a diet croak!
    LOL - Frogs Rule!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend Jewels and thanks for the chance to win one of these beauties :0) Mo x

  5. Your little frog is adorable. That was quite a few frogs to make. Please throw my name into the hat and I'll cross my fingers. Thank you.


  6. I am forever in awe of your talents Jewels. I adore your darling froggies! Just stunning!

  7. Oh Jewels, I love them! This is shaping up to be an amazing swap!
    hugs and JOY,

  8. please, please, please ... (or should I say peep, peeep, peep!) enter me in your giveaway : ) I adore your vintage froggy fabric ATC! Would love to win it. Wow, jewels - 12 I mean 13 of these, what were you thinking?? That you would receive 12 yummy fabric ATCs in return? that's wonderful : )) LOVE. (peep!)

  9. Fabulous frogs!
    Count me in please!

  10. These are adorable! What a challenge to create an all-fabric ATC...yours came out looking really great. Please put my name in for the drawing! :-)

  11. Loved seeing that adorable frog ATC in person today! Count in the Funoldhag, Julie!! Oh, and I also loved seeing you!! Carol

  12. WOW Jewels those are so cool!! Count me in!! I think they are great!! I have a new email and I bet you sent that email to my old one!! My new one is Looks like a lot of people love frogs!! You may have to make 13 more to giveaway!! LOL Just kiddin you did do an amazing job on the frogs!!! How but that 80 degree weather we are suppose to be getting this week!! Woo Hoo!! XOXO Love Fran.

  13. I hope that the bizarre did just as good as usual this year, and how wonderful were all of the quilts. What talent. I hope a Spring Frog hops into my yard. I love it when the baker cant count. lol

  14. oh, lucky danielle! congratulations : ))

  15. Congratulations to Danielle. Gribbit!


  16. Oh I didn't see this post about your ATCs or I would have left my "thanks" here.
    Anyways....I did get one of these!!! Yay!!! I just adore it so much. Your art is so fab, and it shows on your work.