Monday, April 1, 2013

Not so Zen.....

LOL for February (yep two months ago) my Mail Art peeps Beth and Leslie agreed to a Zentangle theme. And here it is April and I'm posting about it. Life sort of got in the way of all of us AND dang if we did not get so Zen over the Tangles...
Still I was very impressed with what they both came up with. Beth completely embraced it and sent this very detailed mail - that's when I started to worry....
Then Leslie's showed up - though she got Zen challenged like me she still came up with a wonderful postcard. We both got into trouble with pens used on our original pieces and what fixative to use without smearing the whole thing. That's where I was at when hers came - but her version sparked some ideas for me. 
I readily admit I am a lazy (oh call me pseudo that sounds better) Zentangler. I had bought the "kit" (oosh save your money) and attempted to get in the zone and doodle but to no avail. I have found though that I can do small doses here and there. For mine I started with this neat graphic which....
...just happened to coincide with a new word in my ever expanding vocabulary - Kaffeeklatsch....I actually first read it in a 1956 issue of Family Circle where an unhappy housewife declared "I'm sick of kaffeeklatsches..." Say what? Anyway I had to investigate...
Kaffeeklatsch -  an informal social gathering for coffee and conversation (sounds like a good old fashioned gossip session to me LOL).
A good match for Ms Chase & Sanborn don't you think? I had not done this size mail art before but it fit nicely in a legal size envelope - and I think my psuedo tangles came out not too bad :). Enjoy. Jewels


  1. I quite liked yours, Jewels. All the ones we've done have had some redeeming features, even if they made me work for it. This one made me appreciate shading more, but tangles definitely wear my arthritic hands out.

  2. Oh Jewels I really like this!! As I like anything with coffee as you know!! LOL Very cool word too!!! I would go crazy havin to do art a certain way I am so free spirited I'd end up doin it my way!! LOL I admire you for tryin and your talent!! They are little works of art and that is so cool!! XOXO Love Fran.

  3. Pseudo tangles are the easiest! I find the Zen tangles to be anything but! Too much concentration needed and if it's not 'right' I can virtually hear the purists clacking their tongues, lol! Don't get wrong, the mail you received is AWEsome. I'm just jealous, lol.
    Kaffeeklatsch!?! My goodness! Lol :-D Mo x