Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Itchy Fingers

Wow - that is all I can say. A while back I started recording daily gratitudes. I could have filled a book after last night's Guild meeting....
Leslie had already hinted she had something special for me. And she wasn't wrong. Apparently she "negotiated" with a dealer not once, but twice, to get me this little vintage sewing basket. She always makes me laugh with her stories (and she has lots!). And inside I found the scissor case she made and scissors. Thanks so much L - and I promise I will figure something out to put on the top LOL.
Stephanie, who is moving to Arizona, had already contacted me to say she had some old music and would I be interested - but of course! This is only a few pieces - love The Postman song (apparently that is the job aspiration of the young man). The graphics on many of the covers are great and my fingers started to tingle thinking about how to use them...
Then Fran pulled me aside and said "My elderly neighbour (I think she said she was in her 90's) had a flood in her house and while I was helping to clean up I came across these and thought of you"....DAH! This is only a handful of what was in the shoebox. Lovely, lovely old patterns. At this point my itchy fingers were going into overdrive....
But wait!Another Guild member (and I feel absolutely terrible that I don't recall her name) handed me a grocery bag and said I could have all of these photos of "unknown" relatives...
...another big addition to my "family" picture collection. Oh my, oh my, oh my! Again this is only a small portion of what was given. THANK YOU everyone for your generosity. I love everything given to me and will put them all to good use! Enjoy. Jewels (who has a very big smile on her face at the moment, and more gratitudes in one day than she has ever had before - itchy fingers to)


  1. Geez... so was it your birthday or something? Or did the stars align just right and everyone thought 'I'll bring something in for Jewels tonight'?

    Great haul! Love the old photos. I have a few of those sewing baskets and need to sell them on eBay or something. Do you have a collection?

  2. Wow! You did get some goodies! I love the old patterns and photographs! Have fun playing with them!

  3. Oh WOWZERS, Jewels!! Everything here just has your name on it, that's for sure :) You have a bunch of very generous friends there!


  4. Our fellow guild members know "who among us" would appreciate all the lovely memorabilia they had - especially after the wonderful presentation you gave at the meeting in March! They certainly put those things in the right hands! Enjoy, enjoy, Julie!

  5. Who's the lucky girl, you are!!!!lol You deserve it:)

  6. Look at all that wonderful goodies! Love the sissors holder on the top of the sewing basket.