Saturday, September 12, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Ah well - some things are just not mean't to be. Poor Master Gryphon. He often forgets he is a senior citizen and acts like a 2 year old. Which means asking his poor ole bones and joints to do things they just can't do anymore.
He so wants to please. And he ABSOLUTELY MUST know where is Mum is - including bounding up stairs to make sure I'm still in the house after a walk with his Dad.

He seems to have developed a bum leg - so no long car rides to the cottage -which means no family vacation. So we will save those days up and use them later. Meanwhile, we need to tend to our wounded soldier... will let you know the results after his visit to the Vet on Monday. Guess I'll spend some time catching up this week on all my projects (see, there is ALWAYS a silver lining ;->)!


  1. Julie i love your cover photo for the fall season. I just decorated my porch last Sunday. I do all kinds of scarecrows in my yard and on the porch and i put out fall quilts on the wicker and put out the fall silk leaves. It always feels so festive.
    Darla my 15 yr old dog had a double ear infection that needed a ear ointment and an oral antibiotic that did not agree with her so that was a real mess if you know what i mean, which included 3 trips to the vet. We love our dogs don't we. lol

  2. Hey sis. I'm so sorry that your plans got kyboshed! You were so looking forward to your fall visit to the "Tub". Oh well, the cottage isn't going anywhere. It will still be standing when all of Gryphons ailments are taken care of.
    Keep us posted on Gyphons progress.
    J xoxo

  3. Hope your puppy is OK! (They're always puppies at heart anyway.) Sorry to hear about your vacation plans, but catching up on projects sounds like fun, too.