Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Holiday!

What a lovely way to start a holiday Monday! I started with a run and saw some deer and turkeys - very few cars on the road to bother me.

G&G and I then went for their morning "constitutional" (don't worry - I'm leaving out the messy bits). Yes thats them in a blur to get things taken care of...

Meanwhile, I couldn't help but notice the end of my street - we live on a court that is out in the country - our house is on a 2 acre woodlot which we love.

The end of our court is a little mysterious - a short dirt road...

...leads to a neighbouring nursery/horse stable (sorry, could not get close enough to introduce the horses due to Miss Gwendoline's practice of talking too loud)...

...which also leads to this wonderful pond - I'll be back with more "fall" pictures when the colours turn. There was fog this morning so a mist lay over everything.
Of course the main thing is to get back for breakfast (according to G&G) but I thought I'd pause and check out the garden.

Got my first Sunflower - I know, I know - I planted the seeds way too late and in a not so sunny spot (we don't have very many of those in the woods) - still I'm keeping my fingers crossed everything will bloom before too long.

Meanwhile the rest of the garden is taking on that autumn feel...

And the Mums are coming out to....anyway, for those of you who get one, have a wonderful holiday - back to work tomorrow! Cheers, Jewels


  1. And.. Happy Holiday to you too. We just got home from the cabin and you wouldn't believe the trees that are already changing colors. We say the most brilliant of red trees when we neared the north.

  2. Summer has almost come to an end but as you know my favourite season (weather wise only because nothing surpasses Christmas) is Fall. The changing leaves, cooler days known as "sweater weather" and the smell of comfort food floating through the house. Then there is your anniversary, my anniversary and your birthday! Fall isn't long enough. Before you know it darkness falls by 5:30, frost arrives and the garden goes to sleep until next year. I'd love to live on acreage where the deer and the wild turkeys play! You lucky ducky!
    J xo

  3. What a pretty area you live in Julie. Nice to be out where there are lots of trees - and near a little lake. Actually, though, the deer and the wild turkeys kind of play here at East Point! Deer ate my impatients for the third time and we have a few turkeys go up and down the street once in a while. Carol

  4. Looks like a lovely way to start the day. Hope I'm not too late to wish you a happy cottage visit.