Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Button Mania

- Are you looking for something in particular? The nice lady said.
- Oh, um, just looking for sewing stuff - you don’t by any chance have buttons?
- Well, let me think – any kind of buttons? I may have started a jar for buttons I take off of clothes we won’t sell…I’ll check the basement…

Few minutes later – 3 tins appear on the counter. “You won’t like the price” she said as I opened them up…
Oh, err…hmm and what would that be? I innocently asked as I started to drool…
Well, normally I would go through and make up packets and charge a $1.00 a bag so - $10.00 (That's $9.01 US).
Ah, okay (Brain is yelling - ARE YOU KIDDING!!!)
When I got home and started to sort look what I found….
Even ones that look like jewel encrusted piles of poop (Sis begs to differ)

AND when I flipped one of the tins it had this lovely old label on the bottom..
SCORE ;-> Sigh, some days really are good in Thrift Land …


  1. Oh, Julie - talk about scoring!!! What a find you found. I am just thrilled for you - there are perfectly delightful buttons in those boxes. What fun. Also love the fabric you have them on. Carol

  2. Wow, that is a huge find. I called my neighbor Julie over to view the blog. She makes the best vintage button jewelry. She has made tons of money on lapel pins and bracelets. She loved seeing all of them. She also thought you lucked out on the price. Great find.

  3. I could feel the adrenaline rush as I read about your buttons! Loved the tins also...a great find. You probably felt the same way I did when I found a spinning wheel all taken apart and in a grocery bag at an antiques shop. The little wheel is together and actually spins...all for $25! Did I mention one part was missing...the flyer. It cost $125 to have it duplicated. I still consider it a treasure.

  4. Ok Ok The jewel encrusted pile of poop was pretty creative thinking. I'd really like to know what you are going to do with them!!!! I did think of an idea using those buttons on the pin cushions your friend makes......hmmmmmmmm the brain is whirling.
    She could call it "Dog Day Afternoon" or "Dog Days of Summer"! Hey she could even make it out of an A&P grocery bag!!!LOL
    Sis xox